Friday, September 12, 2008


I don’t understand how anybody could ever think that there is no other existence other than us in the universe or better yet earth.

It seems that we all have the mindset, if I can’t see it I don’t believe it and that is an unintelligent way of thinking; just put it into an ant’s perspective. To an ant do we really exist? Does gravity or the assortment of clear gases we call air exist... no. And that is the same concept that you have to acknowledge when wondering if there is anything else that we can’t see or feel beyond our five senses. That supports my belief that ghost may exist, maybe they aren’t the remains of deceased people, maybe they are utterly a different life force all in their own. It is very possible that there is a vast amount of existence in our own world and it is important that we keep our minds open for that notion.

Trust me.... it's weird.

I think that telekinetic abilities may exist because I had a dream the other night and in that dream I moved a small red piece of plastic by clearing my mind totally. The funny thing is that in real life I can’t totally clear my mind. I think if god or the overseer would ever give that ability to someone it would be because they were totally good but, no matter how much someone attempted not to abuse the ability just once they wouldn’t be able to do it, after all we are human and can’t resist to exploit everything and use it for the worst, so maybe god only gives you potential mental ability when you mind happens to clear itself for a very small timeframe (or what I’d like to call "Random Instances") so you don’t have the chance to consider how you’d like to use it.
I think ESP "Extra Sensory Perception" may exist but in a different way because if I were to randomly ask someone to choose a number between one and ten they will almost always choose the number I had thought of but rather, the number that my mind had randomly chosen for them. Maybe it isn’t ESP, maybe it is an ability to implant thoughts into another persons head subconsciously or lets call it "Persuasive Thinking"… and just maybe in order to do that you have to have a "totally clear" mind and you can only do that at a random instant, which explains why it is nearly impossible to do it twice in a row.
I think that sometimes you use "ESP" or as I call it "Persuasive Thinking", you can even think about something and the other person thinking receives the same thought but only at a given "random instant" so it gives you the feeling that you strangely thought the same exact thing giving you the "wow I just thought the same thing you did" feeling when actually you made them think the same thing you were, by accident.
I think my brain is throbbing so maybe at another "random instance" I will come up with some more weird shit.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Timer

Okay.. I'm sitting here in my small apartment living room and after a month of doing absolutely nothing I realize.... I'm bored to tears and then all the sudden my brother says "Shawn I figured out what you do best, you spend way to much time pissing out of your ass (talking bullshit) , you should start a blog..." So here I am. And if your wondering why I have been home for month its because I just got diagnosed with Crohn's disease..... nice huh?.. oh don't know what it is... just type it in google, and by the way I barely passed high school english so for you critics out there, back off on my crappy grammar usage. Well seriously, I could use ANY kind of response from anybody out there and I'm sure I could have fun with the topic. Try me lol.